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Preparing Your Cows For Winter

Preparing Your Cows For Winter

Obviously winter is a vulnerable time for your cows when you really need to pay attention to make sure they are staying healthy. Here are some tips on preparing your herd for winter:

Size Matters
If you have cows that are younger or thinner than some of your more mature cows, they are going to need some additional attention when it comes to their feed. Besides the cows that need it for sure, if you start to notice your mature cows losing weight, you may have to supplement their diets with more hay.

Beware wet conditions
Cows can usually do okay when it’s cold out, but not so well when they get wet AND it’s cold. Their coat can insulate them when it’s cold but when they get wet, their coat becomes pretty ineffective. Think of it the same way as when you put on a winter coat and go outside into cold weather versus putting on a soaking wet winter coat and going into cold weather – There’s a big difference. Making sure your cows stay dry can help avoid them getting sick.

Avoid getting them sick
Speaking of your herd getting sick, make sure that you are proactive against any unwanted illnesses. If your cows developed parasites such as tape worm, it will be nearly impossible for them to maintain healthy weight during the winter months. Make sure they are de-wormed and get any other shots that are necessary. Consult your veterinarian for all the precautions you should take.

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