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Durvet SandRID Psyllium Pellets


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  • For horses of all ages and size
  • Psyllium will encapsulate sand and dirt to help remove and aid in prevention colic
  • Use for constipation and/or stool consistency
  • Apple and molasses flavor
  • Made in the USA


Horses of all classes


  • Contains psyllium that will encapsulate sand and dirt that may help reduce the possibility of sand colic 
  • Pelleted and apple flavored that makes it easy to feed and accepted by all horses 


Psyllium seed husk.........140,000 mg (per 5.2 oz)


ADULT HORSE (1,000 lbs.): Administer 1 to 1.5 scoops daily for one full week (7 days) out of every month. Give less to ponies, yearlings and foals; more to larger horses and draft breeds. Can be given during or after meal time.

NOTE: Scoop included, equals 5.2 ounces.



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